Dee Constant

Secretary of the Board of Trustees

I Am Dee Constant. I served in the US Army and then for Cocoa Police Department. I retired in 2014 and that is when the Light turned on. I walked onto the property of Unity on the Space Coast. Chimes swung slowly in the breeze and greeted me from the beautiful garden. In that moment I knew I had found my Happy Place, my Spiritual Home.

My wife, Nancy Burns, and I love being a part of such an active and enriching church experience. Unity on the Space Coast is where church is an active Verb. The children’s ministry is my special niche. I Am the Director of Youth and Family Ministry. I also serve as a Prayer Chaplain, and this year I joined the Board of Trustees and serve as its secretary.

There are dozens of churches in this town, but there is none as special as USC, at least for me.